Prepare for a Successful Surgery Training

Know what to Expect, be Prepared, and Face your Surgery with Confidence

Surgery can be a scary situation with many unknowns. Prepared patients heal faster, have less anxiety, and recover EVEN quicker!

With this Prepare for a Successful Surgery Training, you’ll know exactly what to expect before, during and after surgery. Dr. Dolores walks you through the process to help you

Get Your Mind and Body Ready for Surgery
Prepare for the Best Results and Outcomes
Overcome the Anxiety and Stress
Ask the Right Questions of Your Surgery Team
Recover EVEN Faster and Return to Your Life Quicker!
You get immediate access to a

Three 20-minute Videos that lead you through
What to do before surgery
What to do during surgery
What to do after surgery
BONUS: Free Guided Meditation for a Successful Surgery
A personalized, 40- minute consultation with Dr. Dolores.

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