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The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care:
25 Tools for Happiness

Now an Amazon Best Seller

Find key insights from top wellness experts including Dr. Dolores Fazzino in the latest addition to The Wellness Universe book collection. Read now and discover self compassion – the eternal key to lasting happiness.

Available on Amazon in digital and paperback editions.

Complete Self Care Book Launch

The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care:
25 Tools for Stress Relief

An Amazon International Best Seller for Books in Wellness

The first in the Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care best-selling series – find key insights from top wellness experts with chapters like Stress and the Highly Sensitive Person, Moving Beyond Surviving to Thriving, and more.

Available on Amazon in digital and paperback editions.

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HELP! How Do I Get the Most Out of My Healthcare Experience?
54 Tips to Maneuver through the Healthcare System

Is the tactical, practical guide to help you best navigate the current and cumbersome Healthcare system. Dr. Dolores Fazzino brings her nearly 4 decades of nursing experience, where she has assisted in approximately 9,000 surgeries to this groundbreaking book that cuts right to the chase of what you need to know as a patient and how to prevent being a patient.

Entrusted as a surgeon’s right hand on complex procedures, Dr. Fazzino has worked in the specialties of neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology and gynecology using minimally invasive and robotic techniques. Always a visionary, she offers enhanced preparations to patients prior to surgery employing complementary and alternative therapies.

spiritual-wellness-for-life-book-coverSpiritual Wellness for Life
Inspiring Life Stories of Forgiveness, Transformation, and Healing

Spiritual Wellness for Life reveals how to make a difference in your life and gain clarity for a fulfilling joy-filled, heart-centered and happy life.
If you’ve ever had a supernatural encounter with the unseen world, Dr. Dolores Fazzino is here to tell you that you’re not weird and you’re not going crazy. Everyone has had similar experiences, whether they chose to believe them or not. Spiritual Wellness For Life contains stories of these experiences and relates the hope and inspiration that can be gained from them. It also provides steps to increasing spiritual wellness in your own life.

Each of the nine chapters of Dr. Fazzino’s personal stories of Forgiveness, Transformation, and Healing, are followed by simple tips for you to consider – What You Can Do to Have Spiritual Wellness.

By experiencing Spiritual Wellness, you will:

  • Achieve a fulfilled life
  • Gain clarity in your life
  • Create the life you desire and deserve
  • Live a heart-centered, in the moment life

As a Nurse Practitioner, Master Energy Healer, and Intuitive Counselor, Dr. Fazzino is a leading authority on combining traditional medicine and spirituality to assist clients in moving through life’s changes with grace and ease.

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