Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Nurse Practitioner & Surgical Medium

What is C.A.M.

C.A.M. Healing integrates complementary alternative medicine with conventional medical therapies to promote healing of the body, mind, and soul.

C.A.M. Healing founded by Dr. Dolores L. Fazzino, DNP, RN. CAM stands for “complementary alternative medicine” and is a supportive-intuitive process that promotes individual healing and wellness through Surgical Mediumship.

C.A.M. Healing combines guided imagery, crystal and gemstone therapy, and energy healing to assist clients in their healing process. These are used to restore and strengthen the body, mind, and soul to its natural state. Our philosophy is synergistic in that when combining non-traditional techniques with traditional medical techniques, an accelerated healing process occurs. Our goal is to restore the body to its balanced state so healing can occur naturally.

The primary focus of C.A.M. Healing is to help prepare, support, and facilitate wellness in clients with every day issues and challenges, as well as pre-and post-surgery issues, medical events, spiritual and emotional issues.


Our Approach

The theory of the energy healing practice is that healing occurs on all levels. It happens regardless of one’s belief system.

All clients are treated as individuals. The pathway to health and wellness may be as unique as each individual. There are many different types of healing modalities in addition to traditional western medicine. Each modality alone is powerful to assist in healing, yet when healing modalities are combined together, there is a synergistic effect that occurs, allowing for a more comprehensive healing to happen.

At C.A.M. Healing we work with the root cause of an issue to that is causing the disease or condition. If the root cause is not addressed, healing tends to be superficial and a reoccurrence happens. Our approach is with etheric surgery and surgical mediumship; energy healing with crystals and gemstones; and guided imagery and meditation.

Etheric surgery is similar to physical surgery yet addresses the etheric energy anatomy instead of only the physical structures of the body.  We believe that all cells, organs and structures of the physical body have an etheric double that exists in other dimensions than those that we can see with our  physical eyes. The etheric double serves as foundation for the human physical structure to grow upon. If there are issues in the human body, surgery to adjust or repair the etheric double may result in changes in the human anatomy on the physical level.

Working in the etheric levels of the human body, the speed and complexity of the work, healing and recuperation period is far less than that of a physical operation.

Just like here on earth, every condition has it’s own specialty surgeons working in the etheric field. Interestingly, many different etheric surgeries can be conducted simultaneously by several specialty teams. These teams are made up doctors, surgeons, specialists, and nurses who have trained to do this work since they have passed, or have done this type of work when they were alive and want to continue to serve humanity in this capacity.

Learning and training never stops, and continues once we make our transition to the “other side “. For the surgeons, doctors and specialists, training continues and on the higher planes, and sometimes new methods of treating injuries and conditions are formulated which may have not been researched physically on earth.

Etheric or psychic surgery (surgery that is occurring in your energy field) is a modality that can be used in adjunct or tandem with your current medical regimen. By no means are you to stop your current treatment regimen. This in itself would be a huge disservice not only to you, but to synchronicity that occurs when multiple healing modalities are being used.


Surgical Medium

Surgical Mediums work with the Medical teams in the spirit world to assist those here on earth with all issues relating to physical challenges, mental, and emotional imbalances, as well as spiritual crisis.

A surgical medium is a person who has the ability to connect with the medical teams in the surgical world and connect with the client requesting healing and facilitate the session. The surgical medium is the liaison or bridge between the one requesting the healing and those conducting the healing.

As a surgical medium, my role is to observe, participate in the surgery, ask questions of the medical team, translate information from the medical team, and bring these messages back to the client.


Energy Healing

Energy healing has been used for thousands of years. It is a non-invasive modality that restores the natural flow of energy to pathways in the body that may be blocked due to prior injury (physical, mental, emotional, and or spiritual). Often these blocks are on an unconscious level. Energy healing allows stuck unconscious blocks to move into consciousness, thus allowing the stuck blocks to be healed. This results in liberating the client from what is holding them back and creating peace of mind and serenity.

Energy healing at C.A.M. Healing uses crystals and gemstones that are intuitively placed on the client during their session and a guided imagery meditation, allowing the connection with the medical teams of the spirit world to assist the client etherically.

Energy healing has been known to promote wound healing, alleviate pain, relieve anxiety and evoke a relaxation response.


Guided Imagery

is a mind-body method that teaches the individual to visualize rapid recovery and to release tension through deep breathing and meditative relaxation techniques. C.A.M. Healing uses a combination of visualization and soft music to empower people to access their innate healing abilities. Life is about balance.