Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Nurse Practitioner & Surgical Medium


What is Psychic Surgery?

There are several definitions of Psychic Surgery (Philippines, Brazil). The most common form of psychic surgery is the physical surgery that is conducted by a medium, encompassing the spirit of a healer/surgeon/medical person who is in the spirit world. These surgical procedures are conducted in person, face to face with the medium and the client. Instruments used by the medium, who is now the entity surgeon, usually are not sterilized. Incisions are made, debris removed, and the incision is closed and is healed rather quickly, often in minutes or in a few days or so. Amazingly, those who receive this type of surgery under those conditions rarely have suffered from infections or complications. This is so, since the entity who works through the medium, sterilizes the instruments, the area that is being worked on, and the dressing that is applied to the surgical site.

Another form of psychic surgery is that which is conducted at a distance. In this case, the medium acts as a bridge to connect the energy of the client to the energy of the medical team who will be conducting the healing or surgical procedures. (Procedures are plural since there are numerous surgeries occurring on the client in the etheric). What is unique about this form of psychic surgery is that, the surgery is happening more in the spirit world on the etheric body, which is a double of the physical body one inhabits. Since many people’s psychic sight is not developed to see what is occurring, not all are able to witness and see this with their own eyes. They may very well experience physical symptoms and sensations in their body, as if someone had an actual physical surgery. This is similar to the work that is conducted by John of God at the Casa de Dom D’Inacio, in Abadiania, Brazil. (additionally, Physical Psychic Surgeries are conducted by John of God).


What is a Surgical Medium?

A surgical medium is a person who has the ability to connect with the medical teams in the surgical world and connect with the client requesting healing. The surgical medium is the liaison or bridge between the one requesting the healing and those conducting the healing.

As a surgical medium, my role is to observe, participate in the surgery, ask questions of the medical team, translate information from the medical team, and bring these messages back to the client.


What would I experience during a session with a Surgical Medium? Or What happens during a session with a surgical medium?

The sessions are very personal and highly experiential. Experiential is defined as the process of making meaning from direct experience. This means that some of you will more than likely have an experience of the session. It is asked that you remain mindful of that and take mental notes. If you do not have an experience, remember an experience, or fall asleep during the session, this does not mean that you were not receiving the benefit of the healing. Despite whether you have an experience or not, you were definitely receiving the treatments on the etheric. During the session close your eyes and relax, placing your attention on the inside of your body to allow energies to travel through you. Everyone’s experience of etheric surgery is unique. Often healings are reported after one session, sometimes it requires several sessions.

The majority of sessions that I am involved with are conducted on a distant basis. This is because this is energy healing at its highest form. And like all energy healing, the energy knows no boundaries. Thousands of physical miles are nonexistent in the spiritual world, as well as with energy and thought.

Prior to the actual session, I meet briefly with the client by phone to discuss their healing requests. I have found that gathering this information is important and sets the intention for the healing session. I also, remind the client that healing happens at its own pace and time, and is divinely orchestrated. Spirit is in charge. And that we are not in charge despite that we think we are. This is best summarized by Dr Eric Pearl, founder of The Reconnection, who states that “You will get a healing, however it may not be the one you intended.” We may require a healing on something else or another area first, maybe something we have not realized we needed. And then the healing that we desire can manifest.

I have found that working with client in their evening time, is best. Clients tend to be more receptive, since they are settling down for their nighttime sleep. At a prearranged time by the client and I the session will begin. Sessions are an hour in length. At the beginning of the session I go into meditation and call in my healing team that works with me in the etheric. I then connect with the energy of the client, and then three parties: the client, the healing team, and I work together in the etheric to assist in the healing process of the individual. As a surgical medium, I am directed by the team to assist them as needed, be it holding body parts, gathering information, even assisting with some of the procedures they are conducting on the client. They let me know when it is time for me to leave and I leave my meditative space and journal about the experience to share it with the client. The next day, the client calls to tell me about their experience. I always want to hear the client’s experience first, since it was their experience, and insights are often gained by them telling their story. I then share the knowledge that I received and insights. Interestingly, what the client shares and what I observed dovetail or blend together nicely.

As with any physical surgical experience, I remind the client that there is a recovery time. This means that they are recovering from an anesthetic, a spiritual anesthetic to be exact. Just as you would feel tired and drained after having a physical surgery, you may also feel this way too. This is not a bad thing. This means that your physical body is recovering. The post op instructions are as follows: Rest, Sleep, especially in the first 24 hours; no strenuous activities for a week, nourish your body, care for your body, and feed your spirit always. Feeling emotional can happen and is normal!! If you feel like crying do so. When work is done on the etheric body (mental, emotional, spiritual) blocks are removed, and sometimes those blocks unleash suppressed emotions that need to be released.


Are CAM Healing sessions done in person or over the phone?

We do both. If you live outside the San Diego area, a phone session is equally as effective as well as convenient for most appointments.


Setting Intentions for Healing:

What do I ask for?

Clients may ask for anything that they would like assistance with or healing with. This includes any physical ailment or condition, and also, any mental, emotional, and spiritual concern that they may have. This is so since all 4 areas are interconnected and have a matrix-like component to them.


How do I set an intention?

Setting intentions are like ingredients to a recipe. Often, until we sit down and decide what it is we really want, there is no clarity in our intentions, and we create confusion. When this occurs, there is confusion in the healing and creative process. An intention is your heart’s desire. It is written and spoken with the emotion and feeling and is part of the asking process to the spirit world, higher source, God or what your belief system is.

Often times we do not know how to ask spirit, God, Buddha, or your higher source for what we want. Setting intentions is communing with the spirit world, and lets them know that that you are serious and are willing to show up to receive what you are requesting, and do the necessary work to create the healing experience. It is as if you are partnering with spirit to assist in your healing session.


Am I asking for too much, or is there a limit to what I can ask for?

These two questions come up a lot in the work that I do. Remember there is no limitation to what we can ask for and have a healing with. As Humans, we limit ourselves based on our beliefs regarding what we are worth or if we are worthy or deserving of having what we desire. In the bible, it says that “I will give you the keys to the kingdom; all you have to do is ask.” A very powerful statement that does not include any limiting factor or limitations. So ask away and set those intentions. And you may include on your list of intentions, removal of blocks or beliefs that limit myself, make me feel undeserving or unworthy.


What if I do not get a healing?

One thing we have to remember is that you will always get a healing. It may not be the one that you anticipate. Sometimes healing is a spontaneous event and sometimes it can evolve over time. Often we feel that we are not receiving a healing, especially if we are asking for a physical ailment to be removed and healed. Sometimes there may be a mental and or an emotional and or a spiritual block that is present that needs a healing prior to the physical healing from occurring. As unique as each of us are, sometimes there is karmic issues that may prevent a healing right here and now. Meaning that there may be something that we are learning on a soul level by having this condition or illness. When intentions for healing are created, you are setting in motion the process of healing.


What is the team approach?

As an individual requesting a healing, you also have a responsibility to assist in your process. Showing is the first step. The other steps include being open and receptive, and following your inner guidance. It is like taking baby steps forward on your path, relying on your inner wisdom, and trusting that information. John of God, a medium and psychic surgeon in Brazil, states that the medical teams perform 25% of the work, God or Source performs 25% of the work, and those who are seeking healing are responsible for 50% of the work. The ultimate team approach to healing.


What is a Healing Circle?

A Healing Circle is a group meditation. Prior to the meditation occurring, the energies of the highly evolved spiritual medical teams are called into presence in the room where the healing circle will occur. Those participating enter into the room and sit in the energies of those healing spirits. After a brief introduction, a guided meditation is conducted with prayer and or music, and then the group continues in meditation. Though individual mediation is highly effective. When a group comes together in meditation, an energy vortex is created that not only is more powerful, and healing, it creates synergy and enhances the healing experience for everyone involved.